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Can Fashion Bridge the Gap Between the Nation's Racial Divides?

With all the racial tension behind today’s social discourse, there is a lack of adequate communication from both sides of the fence. Everyone is always pointing to our differences, and never in such ways to strengthen our bond as a nation. Until we can all sit down and have an informed conversation, this divide will persist. Solutions need to be presented in order to overcome the challenge that we face. The ColorBlind Collection (TCBC) is my solution.

What is The ColorBlind Collection?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself through the use of apparel. It’s the only art form that is used every day by everyone, willing or not. History is the study of past events and how they correlate with events of today. Civil Rights are about giving each person the opportunity to achieve their goals, no matter their race, religion, orientation, nor gender.

The ColorBlind Collection is a socially aware apparel line that delivers it to those who want to celebrate our heroes or express their desire for equality.

The OG Hoodie

The OG Hoodie (Original Garment) was inspired by and tributed to the late Trayvon Martin. This classic unisex hoodie is great for year-round layering and features a retail fit, crossover V at neckline, hood and long sleeves with cuffs.

All Styles

The OG Hoodie

Men's Long Tee

Women's V-Neck

Women's Relaxed Tank

I am Leo J.

Small Business Owner | Creative Developer | Photographer

I created The ColorBlind Collection to be a personal brand. After dozens of requests from both family, friends and strangers alike, I have decided to share it with the world.


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